Camping Gifts for Dads


dad sitting with child drinking coffee

All of our favorite childhood memories are surrounded by trekking through the woods, the aroma of the campfire, and the sweet luxurious taste of melted marshmallows and chocolate. Dads love taking their families on camping adventures and are proud of the joyous and nostalgic moments. Camping gifts are special for dads because dads enjoy the activity and are reminded of the love from those who shared the experience. 

Camping Gear Gifts

When camping there usually are no convenience shops or stores to purchase food and other goods. Dads especially know to come prepared. A great camping gift entails helping your dad prepare in a new and thoughtful way.

Camper cooking set:

If your dad is anything like most dads, they have an old frying pan and a fork that they take camping. It is time for the upgrade. When looking for a camper cooking set for your dad there are a few important factors to search for to make a great gift. The first is compatible and easy to store for packing. The other is that the cookware set is easy to clean, but while camping it is difficult to wash, for there are not the same resources as there are at home. Upgrading your dad's camping cookware is a thoughtful gift to enhance his camping experience. 

Camping water filters:

Dads are survivors and everyone knows the most important essential for survival is water. If your dad does not already have a camping water filter, this would be a great gift so that they can access clean water anywhere.

Portable Power Station

Camping does not have to be uncomfortable, even if our dads say that it is character-building. An easy way to make your dad's camping experience more luxurious is by getting him a portable power station. If anything, the portable power station will provide your dad with more of the essentials to make camping comfortable.

Portable changing stations give access to charging phones and other electronic devices. They can power fans for hot summer nights and power tools so camping can be cozy. Portable power stations can be charged at home, in a car socket, or connected to solar power.

Emergency survival kit

A backup plan for any situation is always recommended to have, especially camping where phone service may not be available and an emergency situation is more likely to happen. Amazon has a variety of options to choose from at reasonable prices. Make sure to research what should be in the emergency kit before purchasing one. Also, make sure the kit has a fire blanket, and if it does not have a fire blanket buy one alongside the emergency kit; because out-of-control campfires are the most frequent camping hazard. 

Camping Gifts for Convenience

A thoughtful gift for camping dads always encompasses convenience. What is something about camping that is difficult and how can that be made easier? Well, when camping there is only so much storage space and plenty of items to back. When looking for camping gifts for dads compatibility and storage need to be considered. 

Magnetic Wristbands

Just as the name sounds, magnetic wristbands are convenient band that carries small to medium metal items such as screws, nails, bolts, and any other part that may be necessary.  Magnetic wristbands can be used by camping dads for various purposes but also come in handy at home for any kind of at-home project. 

Pop-up privacy tents

All it takes is 5 seconds of inconvenience to discourage someone from completing a task or even doing something that could be fun. Camping is an activity that can be enjoyed easily and spontaneously;  but setting up the tent can be a major demotivator for anyone, even dads. Although planning is a way to prevent problems, planned camping trips can end in disaster if simple pieces to the tent get lost, missing, or forgotten.

Pop-up privacy tents save a lot of hassle and headaches. It does not even take 5 seconds of an inconvenience to assemble. The perfect gift for dads that like to camp is a pop-up privacy tent. This is not only a thoughtful camping gift but also a gift of time and convenience. Dads can use the extra time to indulge in fun activities instead of setting up camp.  Life happens and time can get delayed, or the spontaneous camping trip idea may occur close to dark. Pop-up tents make all the difference on whether or not the trip will run smoothly or even happen. 

Personalized Camping Gifts

Personalized gifts are always meaningful, especially when those gifts involve an activity the person loves. The first step in coming up with a personalized gift is thinking about what the person does not have or something that needs to be upgraded. There are plenty of useful items that can be created into a customized gift, such as:

  • Engraved outdoor beer tables
  • Customized gear bag
  • Engraved pocket knives
  • Engraved flashlight
  • Engraved thermos mug or water bottle

Etsy is a great website to find small-owned business owners to support can personalize different gifts.

Camping Activity Gifts

Camping is all about making memories and enjoying nature at its fullest. Gifts that encourage fun outdoor adventures brighten memories for camping dads. There are several ways to obtain gifts that amplify the overall camping adventure depending on the types of camping activities your dad enjoys. 

  • Grill kits
  • National Parks pass
  • Hunting kit
  • Fishing kit
  • Compactable kayak
  • Electric mountain bike

Hunting Gifts for Camping Dads

Dads who enjoy camping likely love other outdoor activities like hunting. Hunting gifts are a great way to encourage more camping trips and camping activities.

  • Monocular telescope
  • Portable battery charger
  • Rechargeable gun light
  • Tree stand safety harness
  • Wearable GPS 
  • Game Cookbook
  • Shop aprons 
  • Cordless filet knife
  • Game seasoning kit and sauces
  • Dehydrators

Canvas Shop Aprons

Waxed canvas shop aprons, similar to leather shop aprons, are a multi-tool that is great for processing game meat but can also be utilized for other hobbies. For processing game meat waxed canvas shop aprons protect clothes from the mess surrounding the activity, all while having pockets for your dad's tools and gadgets at easy reach. Canvas shop aprons are a great option for dads to prevent being caught in dirty, uncomfortable clothes. Texas Canvas Wares sells high-quality waxed canvas shop aprons and kits to maintain the material. 

Like leather, canvas shop aprons age with grace but are more durable and environmentally friendly. All dads love a strong material that grows custom to their needs. Like leather,  canvas wax material only looks better after years of wear. 

Camping Comfort

A major appeal about camping for camping dads is that camping is a way for them to fully immerse themself in nature and relax. Camping is an activity that is off-grid, without the stress of day-to-day life. There are so many gifts that can appeal to comfort and relaxation for camping so that your dad can take his meditation to the next level. 

  • Hammocks
  • Inflatable loungers
  • Compressed travel pillow
  • Cooling blankets
  • Heated blankets
  • Sleeping bags

Making memories fully immersed in nature with the ones you love is a healthy way to escape the stressful day-to-day of our world. All your childhood camping memories are just as meaningful to your dad, and a camping gift is a great way to show your dad that you also cherish those memories.