Do your aprons come in different sizes?

All our aprons are one size. They measure 34 in. long and 27 in. wide. They are adjustable by loosening or tightening the straps. The straps fit anyone up to a 54 in. waist.

Do you offer a discount for Vets and First Responders?

Yes. email support@texascanvaswares.com for your coupon code.

Where do orders ship from?

In order to bring you speedy delivery, we've partnered with a national fulfillment company with warehouses across the US. Your order will ship from the warehouse closest to you.​

Do you offer custom embroidery?

Not at this time.

How do I know when to re-wax my apron?

It depends on the use your apron gets. If you notice it is no longer repelling liquids, you may consider re-waxing it. 

Are all the aprons waxed?

No. We also offer BBQ / Kitchen aprons of 100% cotton that are machine washable.

Where are they made?

We design and test our aprons here in the US and manufacture with strict quality controls in Asia. We've been working hard to bring our manufacturing back to the USA. Our Made in Texas apron should be out in September 2021.

Where are your care products made?

They are handmade in the USA of all-natural ingredients.

Are your aprons available in stores?

Yes. They are available in select retail stores nationwide. A comprehensive list will be available shortly.