Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: DIY Woodworking Projects


wooden heart

Nothing says “I love you” like a hand-crafted gift. We’ve created a list of unique DIY Valentine’s Day woodworking projects you can create for your loved one. 

Wooden Love Letters

Wood lettering is a popular project and can make for eye-catching home decor. Add a unique spin to your wood lettering by turning your project into a plant stand like the pin above. If your loved one does not have a green thumb, it would also make for a great bookstand diy. 

Consider the loved one you are creating these wooden letters for. You can make this gift more personable by creating a word other than “love.” What word would you use to best describe them? Are they brave? Joyful? Kind? Any of these words would be great to use.

Black wooden letters are a popular way to display words for home decor use. A dark wood like mahogany or ebony would be excellent choices to achieve this style.

Book Wedge

This is the perfect valentine’s gift if your loved one is a bookworm. A book wedge is a unique and stylish alternative to a bookmark. The project pinned is a dual wedge and bookmark, but you can also simplify this project by creating a simple wedge. Finish it off with a beautiful wood stain and it is sure to impress.


Carved Wood Jewelry Box

This diy gift box for jewelry is so whimsical that we had to share it! This twist on the classic wooden jewelry box is a work of art that your loved one will treasure. 

This gift idea would be perfect for a nature-loving significant other because it celebrates the natural shape of the piece of wood. You can also scale this project down by creating a shallow dish to hold jewelry, keys, or as a piece of decor. 

Wooden Ring Box

Is this Valentine’s day the day you pop the question? Creating a wooden ring box will make the moment even more special. Add a quaint touch by padding the inside of the ring box with moss as seen in the pin.


Wall Mounted Shadow Box

Wooden shadow boxes can be used for so many things and can be both functional and visually stunning. This project is a wall mounted shadow box that is being used as a jewelry organizer. 

Shadow boxes can also be used for photos, letters, or sentimental trinkets. Include a glass window to display fake foliage for woodland style home decor.


Wood Flower Vase

This pin is a rustic wood flower vase that hangs on the wall. What better Valentine's gift than a bouquet of flowers and a unique vase made by hand (with lots of love, of course)?


Craft Wood Picture Frames

A wooden picture frame is an easy gift to personalize, and there are so many different types of frames you can make, depending on your level of woodworking skills. We Especially like the pinned project, which has a lipped frame (aka shadow box).

Get to Crafting!

We hope these recommendations have inspired you to get to your woodworking shop and create the perfect gift for your Valentine. Check out our canvas shop aprons made in the USA to help you create your hand-made gift for your loved one to cherish.