50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad

girl and grandpa celebrating birthday

Fiftieth birthdays are no casual affair. They tend to signify a pretty important transition in one’s life, like retiring or welcoming grandchildren into the world. Either way, dad’s fiftieth birthday is a huge deal, and deserves to be celebrated like one. With an empty nest and retirement around the corner, he’s going to have quite a bit of time on his hands, so gifts that encourage him to make good use of that time are excellent choices.

No matter what dad enjoys, there’s a gift out there perfect for him. He could be ready to entertain now that he’s home more, or maybe he’s finally getting around to that “Honey Do” list. Read on for a list of gifts perfect for dad’s big five-oh. 

The Dads who Entertain

With an open schedule, dad may be ready to have friends over to enjoy his empty nest. A fun night with friends needs no excuse, but certain things seem to demand to be enjoyed in good company.

Grill and Accessories

If dad doesn’t already have a grill of his own, his fiftieth birthday is a great time to get him one. There are tons of options out there, from grills that include a smoker to more compact grills that work with any size deck or patio. If he’s already a barbeque expert, consider something like a meat thermometer or an apron. 


If the basic grill thermometer just isn’t cutting it anymore, there are dozens of advanced options certain to impress any guest. Some thermometers even include multiple wireless probes that send temperatures straight to your phone, so dad can keep an eye on each individual steak, rack of ribs, or chicken breast he’s got cooking. 


Grilling can get messy, and the last thing a host wants is to be running around changing shirts. An apron makes sure the mess stays off dad, so as soon as he’s ready to transition from chef to host, he’s still looking sharp. Texas Canvas Wares offers a great apron, designed specifically with grilling in mind. It’s completely adjustable, and includes all sorts of pockets. There’s a completely secure chest pocket meant for a phone, loops on the sides for a rag or pair of tongs, and large pockets near the midsection to hold any additional tools or spices. 

Whisky and Glass Set

Nothing demands to be shared like a quality bottle of whisky and enough glasses to go around. Whisky glasses come in all shapes and sizes, including glasses with built-in cigar holders. The Whiskey Peaks line of glasses and decanters at Huckberry is full of unique options for the outdoorsy dad. 

As for the whisky itself, that’s up to dad’s personal taste and preference. The price range for a bottle of whisky can be anywhere from ten bucks to hundreds of dollars, so budget also plays a large factor in picking out the perfect drink. For quality mid-range picks, under $50, check out Whistle Pig’s 6 Year bourbon or Stagg Jr.’s bourbon. 

The Dads who Hobby

Pretty much everyone has that list of things they’re meaning to do or wanting to try. It could be anything from repairing a light fixture or taking up golf, but usually the list doesn’t see the light of day. That is, until dad can finally say he’s got the time. 

Golf Clubs

We’ve all heard that gold is a lifetime sport, meaning it can be played and enjoyed at really any age. For a fifty-year-old dad, golf may be just the sport to keep him active and get him outside (without agitating that bad knee). 

Since golf can be enjoyed for decades, club sets can be pricey. For a great beginner set that’s on the lower end of cost, check out Wilson’s complete set. Make sure and shop around, there are hundreds of options that each differ from the next, so there’s a good chance dad can find one just to his liking. 

Tools to Wear

It seems like any dad’s “Honey-Do” list is miles long, and it usually involves projects around the house. It doesn’t matter if the house was built last year or bought as a fixer-upper, something always needs to be done.

Texas Canvas Wares has tons of great options for the dads who need to get stuff done–or just love to tinker. Their magnetic wristband is perfect for keeping track of nails, screws, and all those other bits and bobs that seem to disappear right when you need them. For the more demanding projects, their 11 pocket tool belt is sure to hold anything dad could need. 

The Dads who Get Fit

Whether dad’s a zumba machine or a couch potato, the extra time on his hands may be the perfect excuse to get in shape. Exercise can look different for anyone–it could be a walk around the block, a trip to the gym, or playing fetch with his furry companion. 


If dad is more of a numbers guy, he might like getting to track his steps and calories. A Fitbit is a great way to keep track of movement, and allows the user to set personalized goals. If dad needs a little encouragement to find his way to a workout, the watch will send reminders to keep him on track. 

Gym Membership

If dad isn’t quite sure how he wants to get his steps in, a gym membership might be just what he needs. Most gyms offer a variety of class packages and deals, so dad can choose between things like yoga, strength training, cycling, or even a dance class. Of course, he can also take full advantage of the equipment, indoor track, or sometimes basketball court. 

If his love language is quality time, consider getting a membership for yourself, too, and finding a time to meet up and sweat it out together. A membership is really the gift that keeps on giving. 

Gifts That Dad is Sure to Love

No matter what you decide on getting dad, he’s sure to appreciate it. Remember that the price doesn’t matter, it’s the thought and effort you put into picking something that reminds you of your amazing dad.

For gifts that pair well with any master-of-the-grill or jack-of-all-trades, shop Texas Canvas Wares. For the dads who are ready to hit the gym or burn those calories, keep in mind that a gym membership can be a gift for both of you. Gift or no gift, get ready to party hard–dad’s fiftieth is cause for celebration.