Top Reasons Why Woodworkers Wear Shop Aprons


Top Reasons Why Woodworkers Wear Shop Aprons

As many craftsmen know, a comfortable and dependable shop apron that protects you and your clothes can be hard to find. Not only do you want a comfortable apron, but you need a safe functional shop apron that has the right amount of pockets to keep your tools within arm's reach. Shop aprons should be designed to help you achieve the final spectacular result of your hard work in any project.

Why Woodworkers Choose Canvas Shop Aprons over Leather Shop Aprons

There are benefits to both waxed canvas aprons and leather shop aprons. Leather is known to last longer, although is generally more expensive and requires intensive maintenance. To maintain and ensure your leather's longevity it is recommended that once a month the apron should be fully hand-washed with a damp cloth, followed by conditioning.

Waxed canvas is a viable alternative to leather shop aprons. Waxed Canvas aprons provide the best of both worlds, reinforced with steel rivets, heavy-duty waxed canvas aprons become more durable than cotton but are lighter in weight compared to leather. The wax-coated fibers protect you and your clothes against spills, sparks, and stains. If you happen to spill anything on your apron during one of your projects, don’t fret! The maintenance of waxed canvas is super easy, just spot clean with a damp cloth before allowing your apron to air-dry away from direct sunlight, then your shop apron is, once again, ready for you to get back to work. The canvas will only need to be “rewaxed” every one to two years, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Waxed Canvas Aprons vs. Leather Aprons

Waxed Canvas Aprons

Leather Aprons

  • $60-$140
  • Waxed Cotton, reinforced double stitching, and steel rivets
  • Spot cleaning, air drying away from direct sunlight, “rewax” every one to two years
  • $80-$400
  • Variety of leathers depending on price
  • Time-consuming maintenance- Entire Apron must be cleaned, without oversaturating the leather, must dry at room temperature, it is recommended leather aprons be conditioned once a month

Waxed Canvas Apron Durability and Longevity

Waxed canvas aprons are crafted to last and protect you through all of your hard work. Providing you with safety and accessibility throughout your woodworking adventures. The wax-coated cotton along with reinforced steel rivets and double stitching provides the protection you and your clothes need against splinters, sparks, paint, sawdust and so much more. Over time the waxed canvas combined with your hard labor tailors your apron to evolve alongside you and all your future projects.

How Do Waxed Canvas Shop Aprons Protect Woodworkers

Heavy-Duty Waxed Canvas Aprons give you the peace of mind to focus on the task at hand. The wax coating ensures sawdust, wood chips, and other materials don’t cling to your apron allowing you to reach for your next tool without the worry of splinters or cuts.

Canvas Waxed Shop Aprons protect you against

  • Sawdust
  • Splinter
  • Cuts
  • Sparks
  • Splashes
  • Stains

Safety and Practical Reasons to use a Shop Apron


When working on any job or project it’s always best to keep safety in mind. Shop aprons allow you to protect yourself from any debris your work produces.

Clothing Protection

Messes happen, it’s a part of life, but it’s best to be prepared. Shop aprons allow you the freedom to create while not worrying about your Sunday best.

Access to Tools

Craftsmen know your hands are your greatest tools, but you only have two to hold all the tools you need to get the job done. Storage is where shop aprons come to the rescue, providing multiple pockets for your phone, pencil, and any other required tools you may need.

Accessories to Complement Waxed Shop Aprons

Looking for something to compliment your Heavy-Duty Waxed Canvas Shop apron?

The Waxed Canvas Apron Gift Set- Handmade in the USA has you covered with everything you need to ensure your apron becomes a comfortable companion through all your work.

Do you keep losing your nuts, bolts, and screws? The Magnetic Wrist Band is here to help, ensuring your nails and bolts are always right where you left them. The wristband’s tough breathable material ensures your comfort whenever you need it.

Texas Canvas Wears

Texas Canvas Wears has been providing high-quality aprons since 2017 to gardeners, metal workers, welders, home renovators, and woodworkers. Handmade in Sherman, Texas; these waxed canvas aprons are crafted to last through a lifetime of projects. Providing you with safety and accessibility throughout your work, wearing in your apron instead of it wearing out on you.

As many craftsmen, you know that it takes hard work and dedication to complete a project that makes you proud. Waxed Canvas Shop aprons allow you to focus on the next project already taking shape in your mind along with your current works in progress. So like any craftsmen choose the apron that will encourage and not hinder your creations.