Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dad

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dad

It’s no secret that buying gifts for dad is not the easiest task. Some experts agree that this may be due to the role of “provider”, not “recipient” is ingrained in our social roles for dads. All of this is changing, however, and spending on our deserving dads has risen and continues to rise. This increased spending doesn’t mean that finding a gift is any easier–especially when buying for someone who deserves the best.

As Valentine’s Day shifts from a romantic holiday to one encompassing every kind of love, be sure to show dad how much he means to you by reading through and finding the kind of thoughtful gift he’ll love. Listed below are all sorts of gifts for any kind of dad–take your pick!

  • American-made Gifts for Dad
  • Meaningful Gifts for Dad
  • Hunting Gifts for Dad
  • Camping Gifts for Dad
  • Gifts for Farmer Dad

American-made Gifts for Dad

Ensure your dad is getting the best quality possible by buying American-made gifts. American companies are held to high standards–when you buy from them you guarantee the quality of your product while scoring an amazing present for dad!

  • Texas Canvas Wares Shop Aprons
  • Ace Leather Goods Wallet
  • Boon Men’s Ties

Texas Canvas Wares Shop Apron

This high quality apron functions as the perfect gift for any kind of dad. The adjustable shoulder straps mean it’s suitable for any shape or size, and the spacious pockets allow for handy storage of anything dad needs to keep track of. Woodworking, cooking, crafty, and just plain hard-working dads would benefit from an apron–and so would mom. Durable aprons keep whatever mess dad finds himself in off of his clothes–and out of the house. This really is the gift that keeps on giving, just ask mom.

Ace Leather Goods Wallet

There are few things dad uses every day–rain or shine. At the top of that list is, of course, a wallet. An Ace Leather Goods wallet holds some pretty important things: it’s unlikely someone could go an entire day without needing their ID or credit card. Grab a gift for dad that screams quality every time he picks it up. Check out Ace Leather Goods for handcrafted leather goods, including wallets and belts dad would love.

Boon Men’s Ties

It’s not often that dad gets to be creative with how he dresses, and there aren’t many options out there available to men wanting to express themselves. One way that dad can add a little fun to his daily uniform is through the use of a Boon tie. Boon offers a wide variety of colors and patterns, so there’s definitely a tie in there that screams “dad.” A quality, thoughtful gift doesn’t need to break the bank–ties start at $25.

Meaningful Gifts for Dad

When it comes to gift-giving, oftentimes it’s assumed that a present’s cost reflects meaningfulness. This isn’t true! Get a little creative with dad’s gift this year and find an option with which significance is not determined by the price tag.

  • Personal “My Life Story” Journal
  • Whisky making kit
  • Custom map

Personal “My Life Story” Journal

Does dad always seem to have the craziest stories? A  personal “My Life” journal may be a great gift for the dad who has an anecdote for every situation. The “My Life Story” journal has ample opportunity for dad to jot down his favorite memories, along with guided prompts for the fun times that were almost forgotten.

Whisky Making Kit

Year after year, the most popular gift-buying destinations for dad always include the liquor store. Many of the most popular gifts for dad, including a bottle of whisky, have turned into a bit of a cliche. Take an overdone gift and give it a unique spin–instead of a bottle of liquor, buy dad his very own whisky making kit. Not only is it a fun activity, but it’s also one you can share, creating invaluable memories along with a delicious drink.

Custom Map

Is dad’s wall looking a little bare? Get him a stylish reminder of his favorite memories in the form of a custom map. His hometown, favorite sports team’s resident city, or the location of a memorable family trip are all great options. Wherever you choose, dad is sure to benefit from the thoughtful reminder hanging on his wall.

Hunting Gifts for Dad

Does your dad look forward to a weekend spent in the stand? Check out a gift that dad is sure to love almost as much as he does during deer season.

  • Splatterburst targets
  • Yeti thermos
  • Dog seat cover

Splatterburst Targets

For the gift that keeps on giving outside of hunting season, consider getting dad his own Splatterburst shooting targets. The bullet holes are visible from long distances, so dad doesn’t need to walk down the range every time to make sure he’s on his A game. Help him bring home a prize this season with a gift guaranteed to give him some quality practice.

Yeti Thermos

Those cold, early mornings can be a drag without a steaming mug of coffee to wake dad up. A high-quality Yeti thermos ensures that whatever dad needs while he’s up in the stand stays nice and hot–whether that’s a coffee or his lunch.

Dog Seat Cover

Usually, it’s not just dad setting off to spend a weekend hunting. More often than not, you can find his furry companion scoping out the territory right along with him. As much as dad loves the company, it’s not likely he loves the mess made in his vehicle. With a dog seat cover, dad’s car or truck stays mess-free while providing a comfortable place for his hunting buddy to travel. This really is a gift for two.

Camping Gifts for Dad

Camping can be stressful without the proper equipment, so make sure dad has the best time possible with a gift that ensures his time outdoors is a good one.  

  • Portable campfire
  • Farm to Feet hiking socks
  • Collapsible light

Portable Campfire

Starting a campfire can be difficult under normal circumstances, but when weather conditions take a turn for the worse, a campfire can be nearly impossible. A portable campfire ensures proper conditions every time and takes some of the hassles out of dad’s weekend adventure.

Farm to Feet Hiking Socks

Staying warm and dry while camping isn’t always the easiest, just like finding a quality pair of socks that keep feet warm and dry without being too bulky. Get excited, because Farm to Feet may have cracked the code. Keep dad comfortable while he’s hiking or lounging with quality socks.

Collapsible Light

A light source is a must-have when camping, but lanterns can be bulky and heavy. Flashlights are great for focused areas but don’t work as well for lighting up entire spaces. For a gift that lights up dad’s world without weighing him down, check out this collapsible lantern.

Gifts for Farmer Dad

For salt of the Earth dads, finding gifts can feel like a competitive sport. While it may seem difficult to find the perfect present for a cream-of-the-crop dad, there are a few options guaranteed to keep him comfortable and entertained while he’s out in the field.

  • Genuine leather work boots
  • Portable speaker
  • Headlamp

Genuine Leather Work Boots

There’s no doubt about it–farming is dirty work. The shoe dad wears need to be able to take the heat–but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish and comfortable. Lucchese offers boots that are durable, made from genuine leather, and have removable insoles to keep dad’s feet happy for years to come.

Portable Speaker

A dad on the farm is usually a dad on the go, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have access to his favorite tunes. A portable speaker means dad stays entertained all day long, even as he gets his steps in.


When you’re hard at work on the farm, late nights are inevitable. A powerful headlamp helps dad finish work quicker and keeps him safe. For late-night chores, a light source that keeps dad’s hands-free is a necessity.

Gifts that “Fit the Bill”

If even reading list after list of gifts hasn’t narrowed down the search for the perfect gift, consider something versatile that dad could get a lot of use out of. The shop apron offered by Texas Canvas Wares is perfect for any job dad has to tackle, plus the quality material means it’s built to last. The layer of protection it provides means no more mess for dad–whether he’s a hiking, camping, farming, or hunting.

While tracking down the best present for a loved one can be difficult at times, remember it shouldn’t be stressful. Your loved one is sure to appreciate whatever you give them, just because it’s from you.