DIY Pallet Wall Art Projects: Ideas and Supplies

DIY Pallet Wall Art Projects: Ideas and Supplies

Crafting is one of the most wholesome hobbies that captures personality, design, and function. 

There is no better feeling than creating crafted home statement pieces to cherish. The whole family can enjoy the hard work and dedication of hand-crafted artwork that furnishes the home. Hand-crafted art adds an ambiance of sentiment that completes the living space with a unique cozy atmosphere. 

DIY pallet wall art projects are a creative and fun way to introduce handcrafted art to the home. The best artwork has total creative freedom, but every artist needs inspiration. There are also supplies needed complete a hobby collection for crafting.

Learning Woodworking Basics

Some technics to enhance pallet wall art skills is learning the basics of woodworking. Knowing how to sand and stain wood will make the piece look much more impressive, as well as achieve the desired aesthetic. Knowing the woodworking basics will broaden style options so the artist can create anything from a rustic farmhouse piece to a clean modern piece. 

Sanding Wood

Sanding wood is extremely simple and necessary for the success of any woodworking project such as pallet wall art. Sanding is essential for paint and stain to adhere to the wood. Sanding will also improve the quality of any paint or stains on the piece making the surface smooth as well as the paint.

How to Sand Wood:

  • For flat pieces of wood, use a sanding block
  • Cut a piece of sandpaper slightly larger than the sanding block
  • Wrap sandpaper around the sanding block
  • Secure sandpaper to the block which can be done with a clamp 
  • Rub the sanding block with secured sandpaper on the wood until smooth.

Sanding can also be done with wood sanding tools for sometimes easy and faster results. Wood sanding tools are extremely beneficial for larger pieces of wood or unique shapes. 

Wood Staining

A wooden wall art piece is a simple and classy addition to any space. Depending on the results the artist wants to achieve, wood staining might be necessary. 

Materials for staining wood:

  • Drop cloth
  • Pre-stain wood conditioner
  • Wood stain

Optional materials for staining wood:

  • Cloth, or old rags
  • Top coat (sealer)
  • Wood filler

How to stain wood:

  • Sand wood thoroughly with a sand block or wood sanding tool.
  • Make sure the wood is level and smooth.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe the excess material and to dampen the wood.
  • Again, sand-damp wood.
  • Remove excess material with a dry cloth.
  • Make sure the grain is completely sanded down to ensure a smooth finish.
  • Depending on the type of wood, especially softer wood, condition before staining.
  • Use a cloth to spread the conditioner evenly over the wood.
  • Apply the stain with a slightly wet cloth.
  • Apply in thin coats until finished.
  • Wipe off extra stain in the direction of the grain.
  • Apply 2 coats on top of the coat sealer to protect the wood and stain from scratches or fading.
  • Allow at least a day (24 hours) for the wood to dry.

Wood Painting 

Wood Painting is another great way to make DIY pallet wall art for those who love designing, drawing, and painting. Before painting, make sure the wood is fully sanded with the sand block or sanding tool. Once the sanding is complete, the wood pallet is a canvas for anything imaginable. 

DIY Pallet Wall Art Supplies 

The most wonderful thing about crafting is that art has no limits. Creators can use anything and everything to create their craft. For DIY pallet wall art projects there are a few supplies to start.


  • Wood pallet
  • Sandpaper
  • Sanding block
  • Sanding tools
  • Pre-stain conditioner
  • Top coat sealer
  • Paint brushed
  • Rags
  • Water
  • Carving set
  • Waxed Canvas Shop Apron
  • Magnetic wrist band
  • Waist Aprons

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Home-crafted artwork is a stable piece in any household. Not only are crafts fun and functional for personal use, but creating artwork can make a meaningful gift. Everyone is capable of becoming a craftsman, no matter the skill level. Never be discouraged to create, results can be shocking.